About us

We want to live!

We are at a crucial moment in history, where the global crisies are lined up one after the other.

Climate collapse, Covid-19, racism, destruction of biological diversity; all are symptoms of a toxic system which drives us towards extinction. A system which is built on economic inequality, depletion of the planet’s resources, destruction of nature and exploitation of people and nature for profit.

It is truly a global crisis. The future is uncertain and life itself is under threat. Now we can no longer ignore the problems. Now the time for acting in a way that aligns with the severity of the situation has come. Science has concluded. We stand at beginning of a man-made mass extinction, and our governments aren’t even close to properly protecting its citizens, our resources, our biological diversity, our planet, or our future.

Instead they actively contribute to further destruction.

We can not continue like this. The system takes lives.

This crisis knows no bounds and does not distinguish between races or ethnicities. Although wealth can give some protection, it is temporary. Time is running out, and if we fail to stand together in order to protect our planet we will all be in danger, and all will feel the consequences of the collapse.

- But remember; each crisis reveals new opportunities for change and renewal.

Why rebel?

We need you.

Extinction Rebellion is a necessity. Our governments have failed to protect us, and they have abstained from stopping further destruction and preventing possible extinction events in the near future.

This is why we must rebel in order to protect our livelihood and our nature, or risk losing all we care about.

The social contract between government and citizen is broken. Enough is enough. We have an opportunity NOW, as we exit the pandemic, to make the necessary changes. But “Business as usual” fights to keep its power. We cannot let that happen.

Now we are at the beginning of the sixth mass extinction of life on earth, 200 species are lost each day. Since 1970 68% of all wild animals have disappeared. Each month there is more extreme weather on our planet; floods, forest fires, drought and lost crops which soon can lead to a global famine. Millions must flee each year, and people are dying.

Ecocide is the destruction of vast areas of nature, as a consequence of human activity. Industries that commit ecocide continue to profit from this destruction, without caring about neither human nor animal life.

The media is failing, neglecting to tell the complete, brutal truth about how severe the environmental crisis is. And our governments have completely failed to act according to what science tells us is necessary, in spite of them having access to the latest research and being fully aware of what is at stake. They prioritize instead money and profit above life. This toxic system is killing us.

A different world is possible - and the solution is within reach.

What is missing is political will and a true democracy that will let our voices be heard. To save ourselves and what we love, we must risk it all. We must stand united and act now; a rebellion to protect life on earth.

We have little time!

How Extinction Rebellion operates:

Traditional strategies, such as petitions and lobbying, demonstrations and voting, are too slow due to the deep-rooted economic and political interests. Our method therefore is to perform non-violent civil disobedience - a rebellion to cause change. Additionally, we wish to work together with other environmental movements in order to support all good forces as a «movement of movements».

Extinction Rebellion is a decentralized, international movement which is independent from political parties. It uses non-violent direct action and civil disobedience in order to convince governments world-wide to react justly and correctly to the climate- and ecological crisis.

Our strategy is rebellion; non-violent and disruptive civil disobedience, combined with commemorations which utilize strong symbolism and attempt to stir people to action. We need you, whoever you are, no matter if you have much or only a little to contribute. Together we build a strong movement which is built on inclusivity, where everyone can contribute. Together we are unstoppable.

The time for action has come.

Our demands:

1 Tell the truth! The government must tell the truth about the life-threatening climate breakdown and the ecological crisis, and of the necessity of quick and pervasive adjustment.

2 Act now! The government must act now in order to stop the destruction of the biosphere and the mass extinction of species, and reduce climate gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

3 Strengthen the democracy! The government must establish and listen to the decisions of an advisory, representative citizens assembly to ensure a just transition to a sustainable society.

Join us here or contact us by using the email addresses listed below if you have questions.

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