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AUGUST 22 - 29th


ons foundation

The ONS Foundation (“The oil fair” is one of the world’s largest oil conferences, attracting the most powerful oil advocates from around the world. In August, over 60,000 attendees will arrive, to plan for further escalation of the climate crisis. This is the leading meeting place for the oil and gas industry, i.e. the world’s largest greenwashing conference.

The conference is sponsored by Equinor, Shell, Baker Hughes, ConocoPhillips, Deloitte, Total Energies amongst others. Dirty strategies and human rights violations are a common denominator among ONS sponsors and partners, not to mention their huge wallets. 

ONS should be the conference that puts the green, just transition on the agenda, instead of an arena for building new dangerous partnerships that put people’s lives at risk. Their true agenda is obscured by misleading marketing, pretend green shift initiatives and greenwashing our youth via the ONS Young initiative. 

Anyone attending the conference must remember to leave their conscience at home, otherwise they will be left with a guilty conscience all week. 


When our home is burning and people are dying, we have a moral duty to act.

We can’t let the world’s oily power meet undisturbed, when they gather to detail-plan our earth’s destruction. 

We will gather to celebrate life, nature and the joy of being. Together, we will ensure that the greedy and power-hungry know the resistance they face, as they continue to destroy our hope for the future.

The program is packed. It will be a week full of demonstrations, workshops, social events and parties. There will be several occasions where we use our bodies to stand in the way of the dirty oily power. 

Join this year’s mass actions (and smaller actions) August 22 - 29th! 



AUGUST 22 - 29th, stavanger


The climate movement have used camps as an important tactic to build a stronger movement, through workshops, discussions, lectures and talks. We want to gather a large number of activists to participate in mass actions, and a camp is great for preparation, trainings and building trust between activists. 

The camp will be run by the people who are there, through self-organization. It will be a place where we live, eat, discuss, brainstorm, strategize and learn together, a place where we gather before we take action against the greedy oily power who are destroying our livelihoods. 

We want to create a self-organizing camp where everyone contributes, and there are many opportunities (and needs) for this, both before, during and after the camp. If you want to contribute, you can register here or send an email to

More information about the camp to come.


In order to plan this action camp, it’s important for us to know how many people are coming. The form can be used to register individuals or a group coming together.

It would be unfortunate if we have too much or too little food or toiletpaper. By registering for the camp in advance, you really help us with logistics.