Seven times more than enough!

Mankind has already found seven times more oil, gas and coal than we can reasonably burn. But Equinor still searches, and that is absurd.


We demand that Equinor ceases all further exploration at once.

The Norwegian government does not want this, and neither does Equinor. They perform extensive greenwashing in order to justify that we as a nation continue the search for oil. For this reason Extinction Rebellion Norway protests. Time is of the essence, and there is none to waste.

We believe that Equinor - and Norwegian authorities - are leading us towards disaster. When we search for more oil fields we set course towards extinction. We prepare to burn even more fossil fuels in a world which already burns.

The math looks like this: If we are to stay within the 1.5 degree threshold, which is recommended by the Paris Agreement, we may release 150 billion tonnes of CO2 in addition to what we have released since 1850. But if we drain all fields and mines which are in production today we will release 1000 billion tonnes of CO2 - almost 7 times as much.

Stop now, while we still have a chance to preserve a habitable world for future generations.

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Support our rebels in the streets. Donations go directly towards payment of fines and other legal fees.

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