Guidelines for spending in XR Norway

Extinction Rebellion Norway (XRN) is a part of the international rebellion movement Extinction Rebellion, which fights for the right to a habitable earth with three demands and ten values and principles.

In this document XRN wishes to outline the use of the organization’s money, and underline the importance of transparency in this process.

Where does the money come from?

XRN’s money derives from individuals who donate money of their own free will. XRN does not operate with membership fees, but receives donations from individuals, either as regular payments or as individual sums to the bank account 12546297436 or Vipps 556602.

In addition to this XRN applies for money from XR’s international support team (IST) which regularly enables the option of applying for money for various purposes, such as courses, talks, regional cooperation, regenerative culture and gatherings.

XRN wishes to create a working group for fundraising, with the responsibility to apply for money from fonds and organizations, but does not yet have this capacity. If you could envision yourself working in this working group, please contact Økonomi.

What is the money spent on?

Our financial resources are spent without exception on financing the rebellion.

XRN has the following bank accounts:

Account 12546297436 is used for expences related to courses, talks, materials for actions, travel expences digital infrastructure, and more. The accounts Vipps: 556602

1254.63.04017 is a solidarity account for the support of activists which have been convicted of civil disobedience. The account’s Vipps: 569161

1254.63.07415 is reserved for paying the rent of the office in Oslo at Schweigaardsgate 34C and expences related to meetings.

How is the money handled:

Money in XRN is handled by the working group Økonomi (Economy). The working group refunds the working groups’ and branches’ expences in return for receipts and evaluates financing applications for various projects. Except for the Oslo office’s rent and expences for the digital infrastructure there currently are no regular expences.

XRN’s annual financial statement and annual budget are to be presented at the annual meeting for approval.

The mandate of the working group Economy is to:

  • Perform day-to-day accounting of XRN’s economy.
  • Ensure that XRN has sufficient money to fulfill the movement’s goal and finance finance its local and national actions.
  • Ensure that the accounting is performed in a transparent and responsible manner.
  • Ensure that those who work with economical processes have sufficient guidelines, organizational understanding and materials.
  • Maintain balance between income and expences.
  • Prepare an annual budget which is made available for XRN’s board and annual meeting, and perform budget review.
  • Prepare an annual financial statement which is made available for XRN’s board and annual meeting.
  • Ensure that money is collected from supporting individuals and fundraising.
  • Ensure that the spending in XRN happens in accordance with the movement’s self-organizing system and without individuals receiving disproportionate influence on XR stategies and actions.