In the organisation Extinction Rebellion Norway, we do everything we can to process personal data responsibly. Member data is used for the organizing the rebellion and to inform about events that concern the organisation and the movement in general.

We only collect data that you provide yourself.

The website

The website does not use cookies, nor do we analyze your visits here. Other digital services we operate can use cookies, but only for login purposes.

When signing up to email lists for newsletters, the following is stored:
  • E-mail address
  • Name, if you choose to enter this

Personal data in the organisation

Personal data about a member in XRN is stored as long as the member is registered as active in the organisation. We store information you share with us exclusively in GDPR compliant countries.

When registering in the organisation XRN, the following is stored:
  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Choice of participation in XR-Young and indication of age
  • Language preference

The following data, which is optional, is also stored if it is provided in the registration process:

  • Telephone number
  • County and city
  • Information about interests and possible contributions to the organisation
When registering on our discussion forum, the following is stored:
  • E-mail address
  • Username
  • Data shared through posts, descriptions, etc.
  • IP address that was used during the last connection
When participating in promotions:

We take pictures of campaigners during campaigns. These can be posted on our internal and external channels, such as our website, on social media and in newsletters.

Sharing of personal data

Extinction Rebellion Norway does not share, and will never share, personal data with third parties. Sometimes we make use of services run by other XR groups. In such cases, we make sure that the infrastructure these services are operated on corresponds to the requirements we set for our own. Furthermore, we then only share the smallest amount of information that is necessary in a given situation. All data shared must have an explicit and appropriate purpose. Shared data is deleted again after the purpose has been achieved.

Deletion of personal data

You can request to have your personal data deleted from our systems at any time. To do this, send the request by email from the address you have registered to