Together we have a dream: That one day in the future we will be able to succeed in creating a liveable world. For us, for the rest of nature and for future generations. That people of different nationalities, backgrounds and faith, in unison have fought and managed to stop both the global warming and the mass extinction of species that threaten the world today. That society is marked by the recognition that humans also are nature, in dependent interaction with other living creatures. That we have a deep understanding of all life having inherent value, independent of any utilitarian value for humans.

We have dreamed of scenario for 2050:

Nature may rest in order to heal. Large areas are turned into reserves. Active restoration is performed by many means, such as waste collection and regenerative agriculture, as well as our new way of living. We are again en route to having lush forests, living oceans and viable populations of wild animals.

The economy is able to meet our essential needs and is at the same time limited by the planet’s maximum capacity. Profit is no longer the governing goal of production. The economic system contributes to power and wealth being distributed among the population, rather than it being concentrated among the few. Production is based on a cycle of renewable resources. Food, and all goods we use, are healthy and safe. They are derived from a sustainable production line based primarily on local and national resources.

The systems of society provide us with opportunities to ensure that decisions are not motivated by greed, but by the desire for our common good. This occurs through living democratic processes, regulated by laws and mechanisms which also guarantee the interests of ecosystems and future generations. Solid research and science form the foundation of decisions, and the precautionary principle is prevailing in all technological development.

The distinctiveness and differences among individuals are appreciated. There is space for expressions of emotion, spiritual growth and creativity, as well as intellect and rational production. We realize ourselves this way - not through consumerism. We strive to acknowledge one another and be of use to each other, independently of sex, gender, nationality, spiritual- or class background. The legal system will also guarantee the freedoms described in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We experience both community and real impact on our own existence.

Back in the present: We expect harder times, and the path to 2050 is unpredictable. Still, one thing we are sure of: Those who are most successful in civil disobedience are often times those who don’t focus on whether or not they will succeed, but fight because of love to the cause - and our cause is a living planet!