Statement by Extinction Rebellion Norway

Oslo, 11 November: Extinction Rebellion Norway is planning disruptive mass actions targeting Norwegian fossil fuel infrastructure, starting first or second quarter of 2022. The actions are a response to the Norwegian government’s behavior during the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

The group said it will announce further details in the days and weeks following COP26.

On August 19 of this year, Extinction Rebellion successfully halted operations for several hours at the Sture terminal, a major harbor for tankers exporting oil from Norway’s Western coast. The group used boats to enter protected space at the harbor and created a human road block for workers on the access road.

  • Deep down we all know it: oil and gas has got to go. Norway must promptly create a plan and set a deadline for phasing out an industry that is killing the Earth.

  • We are deeply disturbed by the Norwegian government’s posture and lack of seriousness in meeting the climate and ecological crisis at COP26.

Extinction Rebellion Norway notes that following Norway’s Prime Minister’s speech on day three, the country was named “Fossil of the Day” by Climate Action Network (CAN).

CAN gave the sarcastic award to Norway “for new prime minister Jonas Gahr Støre being a fossil fuel cheerleader by promoting Norwegian gas and carbon capture and storage (CCS), and failing to meet its climate targets.”

Extinction Rebellion uses non-violent civil disobedience to pressure authorities to acknowledge and act in accordance with the seriousness of the climate emergency and the ecological crisis.

Publisert 11. nov. 2021