Mothers Rebellion

31 Aug 2023


Mothers Rebellion is a global, growing movement of mothers, caregivers and our allies. We watch with anger how the climate crisis is ignored and reinforced by the climate and environmental policy pursued by politicians. We share a sadness and fear for the future our children are facing.

We want to be able to look our children in the eye and say that we are really doing everything we can for a sustainable present and future for current and future generations. We take our grief and frustration at the lack of response from our politicians and leaders, and turn it into action.

We want to:

  • Show that each individual can influence society by joining together in collective action

  • Increase awareness of the climate crisis in society and get the politicians to act accordingly

  • Act in solidarity with people in the world who are already suffering from the consequences of climate change.

The movement is linked to Extinction Rebellion and stands behind Extinction Rebellion’s demands to declare a state of climate emergency, act now, use citizens’ advice and follow the principles of climate justice.


The idea for Mothers Rebellion originates from California, USA. At the same time, a movement of mothers, who held their first sit-in circle protest in August 2022, had already begun to grow in Sweden. The movement grew with several protests in 20 different Swedish cities. In autumn 2022, demonstrations also took place in Germany and the USA. In the winter of 2023, women in Zambia, Sweden, the USA, Uganda and Germany came together and started planning a joint event. On 13 May 2023, a coordinated protest was held in 21 countries on six continents. This was the first global Mothers Rebellion.


The method we use in our protests is simple. Mothers and others sit together in a circle in a public space, for example in a pedestrian street, a public park or outside a public building. We sit quietly and peacefully facing the passers-by. Through music, silence and testimony about why we are part of the Mothers Rebellion, we help ourselves and others get in touch with our climate feelings. We often hold signs with the names of our children or other messages related to the climate crisis. We believe that properly knowing both fear, grief, anger and love for our children can give us the power we need to face the climate crisis collectively and create the change that is necessary. With our circles, we convey that we refuse to look away, that we refuse to give up and that we will do everything we can for the life and future of our children.


We organize circles on the global dates of protest. You can come and sit with us, bring your own poster, or make one when you arrive. Feel free to bring your children, friends, family members or other like-minded people. Everyone is welcome, not just parents, but anyone who is worried and scared about the kind of planet we are leaving for our children.

You can also join us in planning and organizing circles and other campaigns. We need all types of people. Are you a stickler on social media? Good at drawing, painting, singing? Happy to create activities for children? Or do you know lots of people and like to mobilize? Do you simply have a little time to spare that you would like to use to work for a better future for the children? Or do you want to get to know other parents who are experiencing a similar climate fear?

If you want more information to understand the climate crisis, get in touch with us and we can help you find out what you need to know. Don’t let feelings of powerlessness and loneliness take over. There have been major victories in the fight for climate and people, but these are not always well communicated in the media. If you come and meet other worried parents who don’t know what to do or where to start, we can guarantee that you will find people who share your feelings and can support you. We want to build a strong community for parents and others who share our concerns. Together we will find ways to be heard.

Get in touch with us!

International webpage:

Norwegian Facebook page: Mothers Rebellion Norge

International Facebook Page: Mothers Rebellion for climate justice

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